Court Case Evaluations Prior to Trial

AMS Mediation is here to provide Minnesota with superior professional divorce and parenting services. We pride ourselves on being efficient, effective, respectful, informative and non-judgmental. Amber has years of experience and also has a unique perspective being a divorced parent of two-school aged children and also a step parent. She has dealt with a variety of experiences herself and is here to provide you with both parenting services for conflicting parents and also here to help her clients through a challenging divorce. Two key components of my philosophy are conserving financial resources and developing successful Parenting Partnerships.

Divorce Case Evaluation

When you begin the divorce process, it is often hard to predict how your case will end. These things can be predicted by a variety of situations and can also be influenced by attorneys, judges and if you decide to take the case directly to court or to mediation first. Many people do not understand divorce law, and that is why Amber is here to help you. Through an early neutral evaluation, Amber will help you better understand every aspect of your divorce case and she will help you decide how to best proceed, based upon how your case will most likely play out.

Divorce Case Evaluator

Amber is here to listen to your case and using only the facts, walk you through the pitfalls in your case and what could help you be more successful in court. Based on the law and the legal rights of everyone involved in a case, an early neutral evaluation provides insight into how judges make their decisions. She will explain to you how judges make their decisions, and how small details that you may not find important could make or break your case.

Whatever route you choose to take after the evaluation, you know that you have made the choice you feel best suites you. When you come to Amber she will be the only person other than yourself who knows the facts of your case. This is good, because if you choose to take your trail to court, a judge will not be biased or compelled by whatever decision Amber has predicted he or she will make. You do not want to broadcast the advantages or disadvantages of your case to everyone.

Early Neutral Evaluation

If you are considering taking your case to trial, utilizing a case evaluator can be one of the most helpful and beneficial things you can do. When you have an evaluation you will understand your chances of walking away from the trial with the outcome you wanted, and what risks are at hand. An early neutral evaluation is a way for you to tell me everything there is to know about your case so that you can find out how good a chance you have of winning in a trial.

If you are considering taking your divorce to court and are looking for a Court Case Evaluation Prior to Trial, then Amber at AMS Mediation is here for you.

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