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Amber M. Serwat - Certified Neutral Divorce Mediator, Parenting Services, & ENE Dispute Resolution CounselorGoing through a divorce or dealing with on-going parental conflict is difficult and disruptive for all involved. Without proper safeguards the process of ending a marriage or parenting after divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, legally daunting, and financially devastating. Unfortunately, the adversarial legal process is not structured to provide a diplomatic marital ending or facilitate a smooth transition from marriage partner to parenting partner; nor does it provide cost-effective or timely assistance when parents struggle with on-going conflict. In my opinion, the traditional legal system devours substantial financial resources and fractures families – it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. I learned the hard way with my own divorce and now I am dedicated to helping my clients succeed in spite of the crisis.

– A Unique Perspective

As a divorced parent, and a step-parent, I am uniquely qualified to provide parenting services for conflicted parents. I have walked a similar path, shared similar frustrations, felt similar concerns and fears. I’ve experienced an adversarial divorce and its negative impact on parenting. I’ve used mediation and hired a Parenting Consultant. My parenting partner and I transformed our high conflict relationship into an effective and cooperative parenting partnership and I know how to help you succeed too.

I believe children need and want both parents to be significantly involved in their lives. Fathers and Mothers are each irreplaceable—they are the only two people who can give their children what they need from a mother or father.

I believe parents are experts about their family’s life. All of my services are client-centered and encourage self-determination. My clients are empowered to control their own outcomes.

I believe parenting partners need a parenting bridge between their individual and separate lives in order to succeed. I know how to help you build your own parenting bridge and I know how to help you succeed.

Ms. Serwat’s Résumé

“Thanks for your services and never ending patience. I appreciate it.”
Deb M. – Hennepin County

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