Key Term Definitions

Property Division: The equitable distribution of all assets (money and property) and liabilities (debt) between you and your spouse. The State of MN assumes a common interest in all marital property, real or personal, acquired during the course of a marriage (MN§518.58). Marital property often includes retirement funds and pension plans (MN§518.582). During mediation we will document and verify all martial and non-marital (if any) property.

Child Support: The payment of financial support from one parent to another for the purpose of providing for the needs of minor children (MN Child Support Handbook). There are three main components of child support:

  • Basic support: Housing, food, clothing, transportation, education costs, and other expenses relating to the child’s care (MN§518A.26).
  • Daycare support (MN§518A.40).
  • Medical support (MN§518A.41).

The amount of support paid is based on the parent’s combined income and parenting time. Click the following for a link to the MN Child Support Calculator.

Spousal Maintenance or Alimony: The payment of a financial support from one spouse to the other for the purpose of maintaining a certain standard of living after divorce or legal separation (MN§518.552).

Parenting Plan: A comprehensive document which includes at a minimum: a regular parenting time (visitation) and holiday schedule (MN§518.175), designation of custody / decision making responsibilities regarding the children (MN§518.003), and a method of dispute resolution. Parents may include additional parenting agreements such as protocols relating to extra-curricular activities, medical appointments, vacations and travel, communication, academic and religious education, first right of refusal, discipline, etc. (MN§518.1705).

The MN ADR Brochure is provided by the State of MN. It explains Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and your responsibility to at least attempt to settle your case through the use of ADR and a qualified neutral.

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