Co-Parenting Coach

A Co-Parenting Coach provides guidance and assistance to a parent or parenting partners who want a more peaceful and effective Parenting Partnership. Working with a Co-Parenting Coach may be Co-Parenting Coach MNrecommended by an attorney, Custody Evaluator, SENE provider or required by a Parenting Consultant. Ms. Serwat draws upon her professional and personal experience as well as good old common-sense to help even the most conflicted co-parents. Success brings less stress for all involved – parents and children alike – and often helps reduce costly on-going litigation. Coaching services are customized to suit the unique needs of each parent and family.

Parenting Coaching Assistance May Focus On:

  • Insulating children from parental conflict
  • Positively contributing to the parenting partnership
  • Effective responses to negative communication and/or behaviors.
  • Best practices for co-parenting including parenting time exchanges, schedule changes, vacation time, information sharing, parental communication, etc.
  • Best practices for shared decision making such as about extra-curricular activities, health care, cell phones/social media, discipline, etc.
  • Best practices around separate decision making and co-parent boundaries
  • Best practices for parent-child communication
  • Creating workable parenting protocols around separate parenting, shared decision-making
  • Successfully tracking and managing shared expenses over time
  • Raising and resolving sensitive parenting issues such as new partners, blending families, discipline, etc.


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