Legal Process and Separate Parenting Education

Like many life experiences, until you experience a divorce, custody proceeding or separate parenting, it is difficult to know what to expect or how to succeed. Participating in legal process and parenting education classes is an excellent way to expand your knowledge, increase your confidence and maintain control of your life. Classes satisfy State and County divorce and parenting education requirements. Each class is 4 hours long and may be taken in any order or independently as needed / court ordered.

These classes are most effective when taken at the beginning of your divorce process.
It is recommended that you attend these classes separately from your spouse/partner.

“To be honest, I was not looking forward to spending an entire Saturday in class. But, I have to admit, I really enjoyed your class and took away tons of useful information and tools. I was impressed with you. You did a really nice job keeping everyone involved, and, specifically tying in everyone’s particular situations.”
Tim M. – 2011

“Many of these topics should be mandatory for marriage class.”
Class Participant – 2009

“Amber’s candor was very helpful. Thanks for your personal insight.”
Class Participant – 2009

“What a wonderful instructor Amber is, best of all 3 classes. She is very upbeat and refreshing.”
Class Participant – 2009

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