Services for Conflicted Parents

Parenting Partners are parents who share children but are not involved in an intimate relationship with each other. They may be divorced, separated or never-married. Ideally the parenting partnership is effective, cooperative and child-focused.

When it is not, children get caught in the middle of parental conflict. Parenting Partners who struggle to find common ground often deal with poor communication, inflexibility, non-compliance with agreements, “win-lose” thinking, and high levels of conflict. This environment makes it extremely difficult to parent effectively. Unfortunately, law enforcement and the Courts do not offer easily accessible, cost-effective, or timely solutions.

A professional parenting specialist can help. My parenting services are geared toward resolving conflict, making child-focused decisions and establishing effective parenting behaviors. Parenting disputes are not easily solved from the outside; ultimately, the work must be done by the parents. As your parenting specialist, I guide you and your parenting partner as you navigate your way to success. Together we develop workable agreements with clear expectations, behavioral guidelines and accountability.

Parenting Services offered include:

“Amber was great at helping the two of us find a parenting plan we both could agree upon during a very difficult time in our lives. She was fair and gave each of us a chance to express our concerns and form a plan from that.”
Peter C. – Dakota County

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