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Parenting Consulting Services MinnesotaAt Amber M. Serwat Mediation, our mission is to help parents going through a separation or divorce. This often includes serving as a parenting consultant to address parenting disputes, discussing, and possibly changing terms in your parenting agreement without you having to go to court to facilitate these changes. As parenting consultants, we work with both parents in parenting disputes, helping to create a solid foundation for communication in order to achieve the best possible solution for both parents and their children. Offering parenting consulting services to the surrounding areas of Minneapolis, Minnesota so if you’re in the need to setup, review, or change a new or existing parenting agreement call our office today to schedule an introductory meeting to see how we can help.

Working With Parenting Agreements

Although mediators and courts try to make parenting agreements as comprehensive as possible, to avoid future disagreements and complications, parenting disputes can still arise. Unfortunately, even the best parenting plans may eventually need to be updated due to unseen changing circumstances following your divorce or separation. Parenting agreements should be designed to take into consideration the wants and needs of both parents, and the children. A good parenting plan is comprehensive. setting clear terms that both parties can easily stick to.

Because of the complexity of a parenting agreement, if you and your former spouse or parenting partner are open to discussing a set of guidelines, it’s advisable to seek professional help from a parenting consultant. We can help to ensure all matters regarding the child(ren) are discussed, and that the terms of the parenting plan remains fair for both parent’s situations. Parenting consultants have authority over parenting disputes that include parenting time and holiday schedules, school placement and education, medical protocols, and more.

Resolve Parenting Disputes Out of Court

The point of having a parenting consultant work with you to come to a parenting agreement is to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. Even if you wanted to go to court every time an issue with your parenting agreement came up, it is simply not an option. The courts will not allow it. Often times if disputes come up, a court order will be issued where the parties have an option to select a parenting consultant, or parenting time expeditor, or the courts will appoint one for you. Up until this point, many parents aren’t aware that this is even an option for resolving parenting disputes. They didn’t realize that rather than spending the time, money, and having to bend to the court’s schedule, that they could have used a parenting consultant from the start. At Amber Serwat Mediation we help parents by facilitating positive and productive communication, coaching them through dealing with the parenting agreements, and making decisions that will benefit the children while aligning with the stipulations of the parenting agreement. If you want to solve parenting disputes outside of the courtroom, don’t hesitate to seek help from a parenting consultant. We’ll help you make sure that everything from disciplinary action, to changed addresses, can be resolved quickly and smoothly without getting a judge involved.

Our parenting consultants can help you improve communication, find quick and equitable solutions to parenting disputes, and make sure that you and your former spouse or parenting partner are both getting what you need from your parenting agreement. Contact us today at 952-252-1492, or send an email to amber@amsmediationplus.com to find out more about our parenting consulting services.

“This couldn’t have happened nearly as smoothly without your considerable help, advice & experience. We knew that getting this divorce might be a rather dicey process but you helped make it considerably less stressful.”
Jason B. – Scott County

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