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At Amber M. Serwat Mediation, I aim to help parents going through a separation or divorce in any way that I can. This often includes serving as a parenting consultant to address parenting disputes without you having to go to court every time you want something to change in the way your parenting agreement is functioning. As a parenting consultant, I work with both parents in parenting disputes, helping to create a solid foundation for unbiased communication and legal aid in order to achieve the best possible solution for both parents and their children. Offering parenting consultant services to parents in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, I’m here for you whenever you have an issue that isn’t covered by your parenting agreement, interpreting, clarifying, and enforcing your court orders and parenting plan.

Filling Holes in Parenting Agreements

Although mediators and courts try to make parenting agreements as well-rounded as possible to avoid future disagreements and complications, parenting disputes can still arise. Unfortunately, even the best parenting plans fall short of being a be-all, end-all agreement because they can’t include every circumstance you might encounter following your divorce or separation. Parenting agreements are inherently vague while simultaneously being painfully vague. Like all aspects of the law, a parenting agreement can neither be so narrow and detailed that it excludes pertinent stipulations, nor so general that it includes too many unnecessary stipulations.

Because of the complexity of a parenting agreement, if you and your former spouse or parenting partner do not have open communication between yourselves, it’s often advisable to seek help from a parenting consultant like myself. If you run into any problems with your parenting agreement, running into road blocks you didn’t realize were there or being taken advantage of through loopholes in language, I can help both parties in a parenting agreement stay on a path to a fair parenting situation. Parenting consultants have authority over parenting disputes that include parenting time and holiday schedules, child support, school placement and education, medical protocols, and so many more aspects of your parent agreement, making sure that it’s being interpreted and followed correctly by both parents.

Resolve Parenting Disputes Out of Court

For many parents, going to court every time there’s an issue with their parenting agreement is simply not an option. Court costs are far too high for anyone to willingly go to court, but still many parents aren’t aware that there’s another option when they need to resolve a parenting dispute. Rather than spending the time, money, and energy that the courts will take from you, make use of a parenting consultant. As a Minneapolis, MN parenting consultant, I help parents by facilitating positive and productive communication, coaching them through dealing with the parenting agreements, and making unbiased decisions that will benefit the children and align with the stipulations of the parenting agreement. If you want to solve parenting disputes outside of the courtroom, don’t hesitate to seek help from a parenting consultant. I’ll help you make sure that everything from disciplinary action to changed addresses can be resolved quickly and smoothly without getting a judge involved.

Minimize Parenting Dispute Conflicts with a Parenting Consultant

When you go to court, you have to prepare to fight – to bring your best argument forward to be sure that the adversarial process remains fair and competitive. But if you could minimize conflict, promote fairness, and improve your relationship with your former spouse or parenting partner, wouldn’t you? When both parties agree to utilize a parenting consultant, a court order is all that’s needed to formalize the agreement, and from then on, both parents will be represented and have their parenting needs taken care of. As a parenting consultant, I know what it’s like to go to court to solve simple issues; no matter who you are, it’s frustrating.

Being in court, though you will reach a resolution, will only lead to more conflict now and in the future. They call them custody “battles” for a reason, and I want to help you avoid as many
“battles” as possible. When you make the decision to seek the legal aid of a parenting consultant, you’re making the choice to avoid conflict as much as possible and to try to maintain a functional relationship with your former spouse or parenting partner. Because I value the preservation of parental communication, especially for the sake of the children involved, I’ve made it my business to help parents in Minneapolis, MN fight as little as possible, communicate as effectively as they can, and reach harmonious and fair decisions no matter how complicated a parenting dispute may be.

As a parenting consultant at Amber M. Serwat Mediation, I can help you improve communication, find quick and equitable solutions to parenting disputes, and make sure that you and your former spouse or parenting partner are both getting what you need from your parenting agreement. Contact me today at 952-252-1492, or send an email to amber@amsmediationplus.com to find out more about me and my parenting consultant services.

“This couldn’t have happened nearly as smoothly without your considerable help, advice & experience. We knew that getting this divorce might be a rather dicey process but you helped make it considerably less stressful.”
Jason B. – Scott County

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