Steps to Effective MediationMediation is an excellent way to settle many types of conflict, including the details surrounding a divorce. Mediation can save you significant time and money and keep you from having to battle in court. AMS Mediation specializes in comprehensive mediation services for divorce, custody issues and separate or co-parenting in Dakota County, MN. Amber Serwat can guide you through the entire mediation process in the most efficient way possible.

Below are 5 key steps to effective mediation:

  1. Understand the mediation process: It is ideal to understand the mediation process before beginning it so that the process itself can move forward efficiently. The first thing to understand is that your mediator will not make decisions in your case, but he/she will facilitate communication between the two parties that allows YOU to make these decisions. You can expect divorce mediation to take 2-3 mediation sessions over the course of 6-8 weeks.
  2. Schedule a consultation with your mediator: Each and every case is different and it is often helpful to schedule a time to get to know your mediator and to ask specific questions about your case before the mediation process starts. Amber Serwat offers a free one hour consultation that can help you understand what you might need to gather for your case and make sure that you are clear about the steps ahead.
  3. Prepare for your mediation sessions: Gathering financial and other relevant documents related to your case can help save time and effort once the mediation process begins.
  4. Be open to compromise: Mediation is based nearly entirely on compromise. While litigation can increase overall conflict and is based on a win/lose premise, mediation allows the two parties to find a solution that will actually work for all involved. The only way mediation can be efficient and successful is if you are truly open to finding common ground.
  5. Finalize your decisions in writing: A written agreement is the ultimate goal of the mediation process. The final mediation session can be used to review and sign such a document to ensure that all parties are comfortable filing it with the court.

Benefits of Mediation in Dakota County, MN

The team at AMS Mediation has extensive training and experience helping couples settle the terms of their divorce without a costly court battle. Mediation has many benefits, including being more cost efficient and taking less time. If you have questions about the process or would like to speak with Amber Serwat about your case, call 952-252-1492.