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Divorce Affects Everyone in Your Life

by Amber M. Serwat

Divorce Affects Everyone in Your LifeWhen you begin thinking about a divorce, it is hard to anticipate all of the ways your decision will impact you family. It is easy to focus on the months (or years) of unhappiness, the intensity of the conflict and the need to separate to alleviate the stress. Those feelings can be simply overwhelming. AMS Mediation can help you anticipate the effect of your decision to divorce on everyone in your life. When you are able to focus on your future, the impact of divorce can shift from all of the pain to more hope for life after divorce.

Choosing to settle your divorce using mediation rather than litigation can significantly lessen the overall stress of a divorce on a family. A court battle often increases the conflict surrounding the divorce

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Parents Mediation Services

by Amber M. Serwat

Parents Mediation ServicesMaking the final decision to divorce is extremely painful and difficult, especially if you are a parent and share children with your soon to be ex-spouse. After all, you are making a decision that not only will change your life significantly, but this decision will also alter the lives of your children. The idea that you may not see your children each and every day is hard for you as well as your kids. When it comes to making the important decisions about your divorce, it is easy to be overwhelmed with emotion and have trouble determining the best possible next steps. The experienced team at AMS Mediation offers parenting mediation services that can help make decisions about your divorce (and after divorce) that continue to put your children first.

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Post Divorce Child Issues

by Amber M. Serwat

Post Divorce Child IssuesSome of the most rewarding work that a professional mediator does involves the care and nurturing of children. The job of a parent doesn’t end after divorce. Learning to co-parent a child with a former marriage partner can be challenging if post divorce child issues are not dealt with properly. Parents often find themselves in a precarious situation when circumstances arise that effect a child’s safety or emotional well-being. AMS Mediation provides excellent parenting guidance and support services that put the focus on the child. Parenting services include mediation, consulting, coaching and more solutions for parenting after divorce.

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Experienced Family Law Mediator MN

by Amber M. Serwat

Experienced Family Law Mediator MNAMS Mediation is a trusted and experienced Family Law Mediator based in Burnsville, MN. Our team has extensive knowledge of many aspects of Minnesota family law and can help you navigate a wide variety of issues including divorce, custody issues, grandparents rights, communicating effectively with an ex-spouse and co-parenting. Our mediation service has built a reputation for excellence in the area of family law. We take pride in having served our clients by paying attention to detail, applying the law precisely, and working to understand the specifics and nuances of your specific situation to help you find a solution that works for all involved.

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Parenting During Divorce

by Amber M. SerwatParenting during divorce is tough. No one plans for the abrupt ending to a thought out full and bright future, but never the less it happens. Here at Amber M. Serwat Mediation we are here to provide a safe, educational, and stress free environment to work with tools...
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Tips for Parents Going Through Divorce in MN

by Amber M. SerwatThere is no doubt that a divorce is enormously stressful on an entire family unit. The end of a marriage is a serious loss for everyone involved. One of the most important things to keep in mind during and after the transition is the significant impact on the...
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