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Post Divorce Child Issues

by Amber M. Serwat

Post Divorce Child IssuesSome of the most rewarding work that a professional mediator does involves the care and nurturing of children. The job of a parent doesn’t end after divorce. Learning to co-parent a child with a former marriage partner can be challenging if post divorce child issues are not dealt with properly. Parents often find themselves in a precarious situation when circumstances arise that effect a child’s safety or emotional well-being. AMS Mediation provides excellent parenting guidance and support services that put the focus on the child. Parenting services include mediation, consulting, coaching and more solutions for parenting after divorce.

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Parenting During Divorce

by Amber M. SerwatParenting during divorce is tough. No one plans for the abrupt ending to a thought out full and bright future, but never the less it happens. Here at Amber M. Serwat Mediation we are here to provide a safe, educational, and stress free environment to work with tools...
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MN Child Custody Modifications

by Amber M. SerwatWhen a court awards custody of a child or children they do so with the children’s best interests front and center. With this in mind, it can be difficult but not impossible to modify child custody agreements through the Minnesota court system. Modifications to...
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Parenting Coach for Savage MN

by Amber M. SerwatBuilding and maintaining a healthy family unit is all about relationships. Parenting is learning to have healthy relationships with our kids so there is a mutual respect and love for one another. The relationship we have with our spouse or partner determines the...
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Dakota County Parenting Services

by Amber M. SerwatAMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, serves the communities of Burnsville, Shakopee, Apple Valley, Dakota County, and many other nearby areas in Minnesota. If you are anywhere in the divorce process, or have a custody issue after your divorce is settled, our...
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