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Comprehensive Mediation Services

by Amber M. Serwat

Comprehensive Mediation Services | Divorce, Custody, Post-Decree Mediator MNMany states now require divorcing couples (that have no history of domestic violence) to participate in an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process before litigating the terms of the divorce. This is in large part because the courts cannot effectively manage all of the divorce cases coming through the system. Mediation is a popular and highly effective ADR process that can be used to settle all aspect of a divorce including division of property, assets and debts, development of a parenting plan and determination of the need for child and/or spousal support.

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Dakota County Divorce Mediator

by Amber M. SerwatDuring a divorce, everyone should have someone they can turn to for support. At Amber M. Serwat Mediation, we want to be that someone for you. Especially when it comes to sifting through the legal matters in divorce, it can seem impossible to get through the process...
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Why Mediation?

by Amber M. SerwatAmber Serwat has served the community of Burnsville, MN for more than a decade as a trusted and respected mediator. She specializes in divorce mediation, offering a fair, equitable and affordable alternative to traditional divorce via the court system. In fact, courts...
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Alimony Adjustment Mediator

by Amber M. SerwatAlimony is also known as “spousal support” or “maintenance” payments. These payments come after a divorce. The marital settlement agreement and/or the court’s divorce judgment will contain an order that defines the terms of the alimony payments, like how much...
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Is Mediation An Option For My Complicated Divorce?

by Amber M. SerwatOne of the most commonly asked questions of our mediation firm is whether mediation will work for a complicated divorce or one with significant conflict. The answer is YES. In fact, proceeding through the traditional court system can actually make a complicated...
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Alimony Mediator

by Amber M. SerwatAlimony is the amount of money one spouse is either obligated or has agreed to pay their former spouse after the completion of a divorce settlement. This can be determined either by a judge when the couple takes part in a court proceeding to finalize a divorce, or it...
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