During a divorce, everyone should have someone they can turn to for support. At Amber M. Serwat Mediation, we want to be that someone for you. Especially when it comes to sifting through the legal matters in divorce, it can seem impossible to get through the process unscathed. But with the help of a divorce mediator, you can work through your divorce in a healthy way, getting through your divorce efficiently and with as little conflict and cost as possible. If you’re interested in divorce mediation, consider how you can benefit from choosing mediation over a courtroom divorce. Our Dakota County divorce mediators in Burnsville, Shakopee and Apple Valley, MN are here to help you make the best decision for you.

What Does a Divorce Mediator Do?

Overall, the largest job of a divorce mediator is to act as a neutral legal aid who helps you and your former partner get through every element of your divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. Rather than having your attorneys battle for what you each want from your divorce, we can work with you to create compromises that are legally fair to both parties based on everything you tell us about your relationship, including living situation, financial situation, issues relating to children, and more. Once these compromises have been settled in the form of a divorce agreement, we will send it through a judge to have it approved.

Affordable, Low-Conflict Divorce Mediation

As mediation experts, we know how to create “legally equitable” divorce agreements. That means that when we’ve finished, you’ll have an agreement that meets the legal requirements of divorce, and a judge will be able to approve your divorce more quickly than when you work through attorneys in court. Adding to that, working with a mediator is more affordable than court divorces and much less conflict-fueled. If you’re hoping to maintain a peaceful relationship with your former partner, or at least to make sure you are able to communicate for any reason, which is often the case for parents, avoiding court will typically allow you to keep conflict at a minimum.

Divorce Mediation Process

How does divorce mediation work? Because our end goal is to create a fair divorce agreement quickly and thoroughly, our process revolves around settling the three components of a divorce settlement: property division, financial support and parenting planning. Property division will include splitting all assets and debts. Financial support includes alimony (spousal support) and child support, if applicable. Parenting planning often encompasses custody, visitation and parenting time, and related issues. Each of these elements of divorce can be more or less complicated depending on your specific circumstances, but as experienced mediators, we’re capable of dealing with even the most complex divorces. For a Dakota County divorce mediator in Burnsville, Shakopee or Apple Valley, Minnesota, call Amber M. Serwat Mediation today at 952-252-1492, or email amber@amsmediationplus.com for help getting through your divorce with ease.