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Understanding the Divorce Process in Dakota County, Minnesota

by Amber M. Serwat

Understanding the Divorce Process in Dakota County, MinnesotaWhen we get married, most of us do not consider the possibility that our marriage will end in divorce. So, there is simply no reason to think much about the divorce process. However, when life takes an unexpected turn and we determine that ending our marriage is the best decision, understanding the divorce process quickly becomes very relevant and more important. If you live in Dakota County, Minnesota, AMS Mediation can guide you through this process.

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Divorce Conflict Resolution Apple Valley, MN

by Amber M. SerwatThe difficult decision to alter the makeup of a family unit usually does not come easily. By the time a couple decides to get a divorce there can be a history of conflicts that need to be addressed in an effective manner. Beginning the process by choosing a skilled...
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Divorce: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

by Amber M. SerwatIf you and your spouse are moving toward a divorce and you are wondering how your case will go, you might benefit from what is called an Early Neutral Evaluation. Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation specializes in early neutral evaluations. She evaluates the strengths and...
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Why Mediation?

by Amber M. SerwatAmber Serwat has served the community of Burnsville, MN for more than a decade as a trusted and respected mediator. She specializes in divorce mediation, offering a fair, equitable and affordable alternative to traditional divorce via the court system. In fact, courts...
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Parenting Mediation in Burnsville

by Amber M. SerwatCo-parenting after divorce can present many challenges. After all, once a divorce is final, both parties move on with their lives…in different directions. One or both parties may find new romantic partners, find new jobs, and/or relocate at some point after the...
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Divorce Mediation Benefiting Both Parties

by Amber M. SerwatWhen going through a divorce, it can seem like a daunting process where no one wins. Although litigation usually results in both parties being unhappy with the result, or one party detrimentally losing, mediation is another alternative to the divorce process, and...
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