Plans for parenting Partners MNThe world of the 1950s, especially the United States of the 1950s, has been idealized to the point of a caricature. It’s likely true that the ideal of the nuclear family, consisting of a father/breadwinner, mother/homemaker, children, dog, and white picket fence in a perfect suburban home was never a widespread reality. We spent decades trying to convince ourselves of that reality, but when the revolution of the 1960s all but obliterated our view of the 1950s, we had some new truths to face. The existential crisis we have gone through, especially as it regards the ideal family structure, caused a great deal of upheaval.

A New Era Of Normal

The realities of a high rate of divorce among married couples and parenting arrangements that would have seemed foreign, if not completely immoral, until fairly recently have now become accepted, if not unanimously embraced. It may be that we have had enough time to realize that family structures that deviate from the “norm” of the 1950s’ ideal can work. The truth is that non-traditional arrangements have been working for many families, and that trend has in itself become a new norm.

Divorce remains a reality in our society and it probably always will. Despite shifting thinking about the definitions of words like “traditional,” “normal,” and “ideal,” many parents still struggle with finding the best possible means of raising their children in the aftermath of separation and divorce. A relatively new approach is that of Parenting Partners.

Support For Parenting Partners

Parenting Partners are parents who share children but are not involved in an intimate relationship with each other. They may be divorced, separated or never married. And as the term ‘parenting partners’ suggests, it is a system that prioritizes the welfare of the children involved. If you have decided to follow this path of parenting, you may face unique challenges and AMS Mediation has the experience to help you navigate these water and get the most out of your relationships. Our staff is trained to maximize your best intentions and help you find the best possible ways of parenting your children.

Parenting Partnerships are aimed at taking the best possible understanding of your relationship with the other parent of your child/children and helping you identify the things that will enable you to give your kids the love, support, encouragement, discipline, and stability that they need to thrive. No matter what your arrangement, AMS Mediation can help you identify strategies that will help you help your children. Call AMS Mediation at 1-952.252.1492 to make an appointment.