Divorce mediation has become more and more popular as an avenue for settling divorce as couples see and hear about its many benefits over navigating a divorce settlement via the traditional court system. The most obvious advantage of divorce mediation is that it uses compromise and more positive communication strategies to arrive at solutions, rather than a court battle that is filled with conflict and is inherently adversary in nature. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN is a leader in divorce mediation for those in the South Metro area who are looking for a client centered and solution based approach to divorce.

The Mediation Process

The team at AMS Mediation has many years of experience working through all types of divorce related issues, including division of assets and debts, development of a parenting plan for those with children and settling issues around spousal and child support. Amber Serwat is a professional divorce mediator, which means that she will serve as a neutral, third party, to facilitate an open and honest discussion about the unique issues surrounding your divorce to help empower you to arrive at solutions that will work for you. A mediator’s role is not to make decisions, but to help answer questions about the process and foster an environment where decisions can be made by the divorcing couple.

Why Choose Mediation?

In the state of Minnesota, you are required to participate in a resolution process like mediation before moving to the courts. For many couples, a court battle will not be needed. Additional benefits of mediation include:

● Mediation is 20-50% less expensive than proceeding through the court system.
● Faster: You can expect mediation to resolve even complicated divorce settlements in a matter of weeks to months, once mediation sessions have been scheduled. A court battle can take months to years.
● More flexibility: The court system is not designed to be able to be creative or flexible about the solutions that it suggests. Mediation allows for this flexibility to find a solution that is unique to your family situation.
● Modeling positive behavior: Mediation allows you to lay a strong foundation for co-parenting after a divorce and model cooperative behavior to your children, which can be very important for all to move forward.
● Mediation has higher compliance rates because the couple has arrived at solutions together.
● Mediation allows you to gain peaceful closure after a difficult life event.

To learn more about divorce mediation, call Amber Serwat at AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492 to schedule a free consultation.