Affordable Divorce Mediator Near MeOne of the most stressful aspects of a divorce can be the enormous financial strain that it can put on both parties. Separating your life from your spouse can mean big financial changes related to where you will live, health insurance, and a decrease to your overall standard of living.  A long court battle can also add to the financial costs associated with divorce, with litigation costing couples $15,000 on average.  Settling your divorce with the support of a divorce mediator rather than through the traditional court system can save you thousands of dollars and can help you arrive at a settlement that is in the best possible interest of your entire family.  AMS Mediation specializes in offering affordable, local divorce mediation services for those in the Burnsville, MN area.

Cost Effective Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is significantly less expensive than litigation. You can expect to pay approximately $4000 for mediator fees, filing fees, and legal drafting for the documents that you will need to file with the court.  You can settle all aspects of your divorce using mediation including fair and equitable division of property, the development of a parenting agreement that outlines your plans for child custody and determination of child support and spousal support payments. Instead of months and months waiting on lawyers’ schedules and court dates to align, divorce mediation also takes a fraction of the time. You can expect to be able to settle the important terms of your divorce in several 2-hour mediation sessions over 6-8 weeks.  The mediation process saves both time and money.

Experience Local Divorce Mediator

One of the Amber Serwat’s overarching goals is to conserve financial resources so as to minimize the financial impact of the divorce process on you and your family.  Divorce mediation can do just that. Amber has been through divorce herself and understands that each divorce is different. She will work with you to develop plans that meet your unique needs and puts your family first. Mediation empowers you and your divorcing spouse to solve the issues between you, rather than putting these big, lifelong decisions in the hands of a judge who does not know you and your situation. She will work to make you feel comfortable during the entire mediation process and help you focus on what is most important to you.  If you would like more information about AMS Mediation’s affordable divorce mediation services, call us today at 952-252-1492 to schedule a time for a free consultation.