Amicable or Uncontested Divorce in MinnesotaNot much about a divorce feels lucky when you are going through it. However, you truly can consider yourself lucky if you have an amicable or uncontested divorce because it allows you to navigate the divorce process in less time, with less stress, and less financial and emotional cost. An amicable or uncontested divorce in Minnesota is one in which both parties agree to the terms of the divorce including the division of joint property, child custody, child support and spousal support (also known as alimony). Even when you have an amicable or uncontested divorce, however, there are many important details to work out in order to finalize your divorce. Mediation is the ideal way to complete the process and ensure that you and your soon to be ex-spouse can settle and finalize all aspects of your divorce with the least possible stress for you and your family.

Navigate Your Divorce with Less Stress

AMS Mediation specializes in divorce mediation for amicable or uncontested divorces in Minnesota. There are many important benefits to choosing mediation over litigation to settle important issues related to divorce. You know your family best and can make the best possible decisions on behalf of your family. If you and your divorcing spouse can come to an agreement on issues like custody and division of property, you do not have to leave these big decisions in the hands of a court. Mediation costs significantly less than a court battle, both financially and emotionally. Divorce can take a significant toll on all members of your family, including your children. An amicable or uncontested divorce makes the divorce process less taxing and exhausting.

The team at AMS Mediation has been working with couples who are ready to settle the terms of their divorce for many years. Amber Serwat, the founder of AMS Mediation brings professional expertise as a trained mediator with the personal experience of going through a difficult divorce. He can guide you through the process, keeping you and your soon to be ex-spouse focused on your unique goals and priorities.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

Even an amicable or uncontested divorce is difficult – there is no doubt about that. AMS Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process so that you can move forward with your life more quickly, with less stress and focus on your future, rather than your past. Call us at 952-252-1492 for more information.