When you say your marriage vows on your wedding day, the last thing that you are likely thinking about is the possibility of divorce. However, over time, you and your partner may have grown apart, may find that you have trouble communicating or perhaps you may have conflict about money, or one of you may have gotten involved in an extramarital relationship. No matter the reason for a separation or divorce, settling the important issues does not have to create more conflict. Divorce mediation allows you and your partner to find areas of compromise – and a way forward. The divorce mediators at AMS Mediation can help you navigate the divorce process so that you and your family can begin the healing process.

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

Amber Serwat is a divorce mediator with extensive professional experience offering divorce mediation and with personal experience navigating her own divorce. She brings this perspective to each and every case she works on. Amber understands that divorce is difficult and causes emotions to run high. She views mediation as a tool that can be used to help divorcing couples separate amicably. Amber also realizes that the adversarial legal process is simply not set up to provide a diplomatic end to a marriage or to facilitate a smooth transition from marriage partner to parenting partner. In addition, the court system does not offer cost-effective solutions or timely assistance for parents who struggle even after a divorce is final.

Apple Valley Divorce Mediation

Mediation is less expensive than a court battle, takes less time and is entirely confidential. Mediation can also set the tone for future communication after a divorce, when issues come up as children age. Mediation allows you and your divorcing spouse to have input in to decisions about parenting time, spousal and/or child support and division of assets, property and debt.

The Role of a Divorce Mediator

The role of a divorce mediator is not to be a decider – but to facilitate positive and productive discussion about all aspects of your divorce. You and your divorcing spouse make the decisions about how you will settle your divorce. Amber Serwat is a family mediator with more than a decade of experience working with couples and families just like you in the Apple Valley area. She can help you navigate the divorce process from beginning to end, answer your questions and provide you with information and resources about the legal process. For more information, contact Amber at AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492.