The process of getting divorced in most states is far more difficult than the process of getting married. This is also true in Minnesota. AMS Mediation works to make the processes associated with getting a divorce in Minnesota as easy as possible for couples who are seeking to dissolve their marriages.

Minnesota State Requirements for Divorce and Parenting Classes

Divorce and parenting classes are required to finalize a divorce in Minnesota. The state legislature of Minnesota has a requirement that all parents who file for divorce must attend an educational program. Some counties even require that the children of divorcing parents attend an educational program. The motivation of the state legislature is not to be punitive. In fact, the legislature issued the requirement because the vast majority of parents have found such classes to be helpful in increasing their understanding of the legal processes associated with divorce and the responsibilities that go along with them. AMS Mediation is uniquely qualified to help you by providing both Divorce Education classes and Parenting Education classes.

The state recommends that you sign up for the class that is most appropriate for your specific divorce circumstances, and that you do so as soon as possible filing the paperwork to dissolve your marriage. If you have children and live in a Minnesota county that requires children to attend a class, you should make sure that they attend within sixty days of your divorce filing. Educational classes are not optional, and AMS Mediation’s classes match the obligatory nature of the classes with helpful information. If you do not attend a class, a judge may refuse to schedule a hearing and grant your divorce.

Navigating the Divorce Process in MN

Divorce is typically an experience in life that you cannot prepare for. Deciding that it is time to get divorced may take years, but once the decision is made, it can create feelings you have never felt and never expected. Our Minnesota Family Law Basics classes help you understand more about divorce and how to respond to unexpected issues with your children. Our classes exceed the requirements of the state and county as they pertain to divorce-related education classes. You can expect each class to last for four hours. You do not need to take them in sequence, but it is recommended that you take your class or classes early in the divorce process.

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