Divorces can be very difficult, and can also be complicated to sort out especially when you own property together, do business together and have children. Some divorces are more amicable than others, but almost all couples will need to see a divorce mediation to help process your entire divorce in a timely, more mutual and helpful way compared to going directly to litigation. Even when you think your situation is too difficult to resolve, oftentimes couples are surprised at the progress they are able to make.

Oftentimes people think going to court is the only way, but divorce mediation is actually a more affordable, mutual and beneficial way to help couples that are separating. There are many benefits of a mediated divorce such as, lower costs, opportunity to resolve non-legal issues, benefits for children by reducing conflict, helps with co-parenting, confidentiality and more. Today mediation is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, around 89-90% of divorces in Minnesota are settled before they even reach a courtroom. Mediation is so effective that the State of Minnesota requires you make a good faith effort to settle your divorce outside of court.

Mediation Is Confidential

Mediators help guide couples through difficult conversations, keep the lines of communication
open, keep couples on track and make sure to avoid fights and other off-topic conversations
while trying to make decisions. The largest pro to mediation is that you and your soon to be ex spouse get to make the decisions. When taking the case to court the judge gets to make the final decision, and although judges are supposed to see the overall case, each judge is different and can have their own biases. Court cases are open to the public and therefore can be detrimental to you and your family. In mediation you are able to discuss the issues at hand in privacy and not have the community know your business. Mediation is confidential and therefore is a safe environment.

Burnsville Mediators

Although mediators are not decision makers, they have to possess the skills to help couples
through rough patches and set the tone for the conversations. It is wise to interview mediators
and select one who respects fairness, understands your unique situation, and helps create
solutions that will work for you.

As a divorced parents of two children, and a step parent, she has the experience to empathize with other couples and understand what is necessary and the importance of communication and negotiation. Walking a similar path as many of her clients she can bring her empathy to the table and provide her clients with the solutions they need. At AMS Mediation, Amber is here to provide the best help in the business to her Burnsville clients. If you are looking for a mediator and want to know about the benefits, give her a call and she can help you understand the process and benefits further.