When a divorce is finalized, there is a collective sigh of relief, as an often highly stressful time has been resolved, even if the parties are not entirely happy with the outcome. However, in most cases, problems can still come up after the divorce (or break-up) is final and many couples struggle with how best to handle these issues. Mediation is an effective tool that can be used for divorced couples who continue to interact and share responsibilities, especially related to issues surrounding children and co-parenting. AMS Mediation specializes in providing mediation services for those in the Shakopee, MN area who are going through the divorce process as well as after a divorce is final.

Issues That Can Be Resolved Using Mediation After A Divorce

Mediation allows for the discussion of many different issues at any point in time. During the divorce process, you and your divorcing spouse can make informed and purposeful decisions about child custody issues, child support payments and the division of assets, debts and other property. Mediation to settle a divorce helps you lay a strong foundation for a more positive partnership post-divorce. After a divorce is final, you can still use mediation to come to agreement on issues such as:

● Changes to child custody arrangements, parenting time schedules or child/spousal support agreements;
● Important decisions surrounding healthcare, religion or education of the child/children;
● Financial decisions related to children;
● Extracurricular activities;
● Adapting to evolving needs of aging children;
● How to handle a child’s behavioral issues or different disciplinary styles;
● Questions about a new step-parent’s role in children’s lives;
● Changes to the mediated divorce agreement;
● Issues of relocation by one parent.

Why Choose Mediation?

Courts are simply not in a position to be able to handle ongoing problems that come up after a divorce is finalized. In fact, the court system would prefer that you attempt to settle issues, problems and disputes that come up on your own or with the help of a mediator, rather than taxing the court system with these problems. Often, the root of post-divorce issues is a direct result of communication breakdown. Mediation sessions can help facilitate positive and productive discussion, help you find common ground and solutions that will work for everyone involved. If you live in the Shakopee, MN area and would like to learn more about AMS Mediation’s divorce mediation or post-divorce mediation services, call our team today at 952.252.1492.