Burnsville Divorce MediatorAMS Mediation is a a Burnsville divorce mediator with the experience and acquired skills necessary to help you end your marriage more peacefully for all involved. Our team has helped many local couples who are finalizing divorce proceedings. Our staff’s knowledge of Minnesota divorce law is comprehensive and our ability to help you understand how it affects you and your divorce will help you navigate the difficult process. We work hard to make your work easier and less stressful so you can focus on healing. We approach our work this way because we know, first-hand, just how stressful and painful working toward the dissolution of a marriage can be.

Divorce Mediation Services, Burnsville, MN

It is because of our knowledge of the many aspects of relationships and divorce that we are able to state with such great confidence that we can help you with any circumstances related to ending your relationship. If we have not gone through what you are going through specifically, the chances are good that we have worked with people who have been through similar kinds of experiences. We have expanded the scope of our ability to empathize by absorbing the lessons learned from previous clients. And when we apply our knowledge of Minnesota law as it pertains to divorce to your specific situation, you are very likely to feel confident about getting through your divorce process with less stress than you might have anticipated.

Burnsville Divorce Mediator

If the ultimate goal of divorce is to end a marriage, the ultimate goal of mediated divorce is to end a marriage with the goal of giving the divorcing couple the best chance of moving forward with their lives with the greatest potential for thriving. Mediation can help solve important issues such as dividing property, developing a parenting plan and determining the need for child custody. Mediation offers an alternative to litigation that is less expensive, takes less time, is entirely confidential and allows for flexible solutions that can be tailored to your family. Perhaps the most important benefit of mediation is that you and your ex-spouse have control over the decisions that you make for your family and are not putting those decisions in the hands of a judge.

Navigating the Divorce Process

Make no mistake—divorce is never easy. But when you trust your divorce mediation process to a service like AMS Mediation, you are likely to emerge from the process with an impression that it was less stressful and more successful than you anticipated. We care about our clients and want to help every one of them feel prepared to grow and develop after the completion of their divorce. To schedule a consultation with AMS