Burnsville Family MediatorDivorce impacts an entire family, not just the two adults who have made the decision to divorce. If you share children, you must all make significant life adjustments as a result of your divorce. First and foremost, you will no longer all live under the same roof. This is one of the biggest changes for a family. Instead of seeing each other multiple times a day, each and every day of the week, you and your ex-spouse will share custody of your children and that means splitting the time that you spend together. This can be extremely difficult on all members of a family. AMS Mediation specializes in family mediation — focusing on all members of the family, rather than just the two adults in the marriage.

Putting Your Family First During the Divorce Process

Choosing to settle your divorce via mediation, rather than settling it in the traditional court system, gives you some control over how big decisions about your future are made, especially when it comes to your children. Family mediation looks at your whole family, and what scenarios are possible and will work best for you and your family. Family mediation can help you resolve issues related to equitable division of your joint property, planning for a child custody arrangement and determining whether spousal support or child support is necessary. The team at AMS Mediation has extensive experience with family mediation services for families in the Burnsville, MN area.

Amber Serwat is the leader of AMS Mediation and trusted family mediator in Burnsville. She has professional experience in mediation and personal experience with divorce. She understands the complexities associated with navigating a divorce with children and takes a client-centered approach to achieving fair, equitable solutions that are customized for your family. You and your ex-spouse are generally in the best position to make decisions about how to settle your divorce.

Reduce Conflict in Your Divorce with Family Mediation

AMS Mediation will empower you to work together to find ways to compromise, resolve conflict and move forward in a healthy way even when an amicable divorce is difficult, emotional and financially challenging. Family mediation is less expensive than litigation and takes less time allowing your family to focus on your future rather than on the pain of the past. A court battle creates an adversarial win/lose dynamic between a divorcing couple whereas mediation generally reduces overall conflict.

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