Burnsville, Minnesota Divorce Mediation ServicesDespite the great success that we have had helping divorcing couples get through the most challenging and difficult time of their lives, many people still do not know that the court system is not the only option available to them.  AMS Mediation, based in Burnsville, MN, would like you to know that we can help you through the challenges and difficulties of your divorce without a court battle.

It used to be that the courts were the only place to settle a divorce, and that meant that divorcing couples would not only have to experience the pain of divorce, but significant financial costs, time, and often unsatisfying results.  AMS Mediation provides a desirable alternative to court-based divorces in every aspect of the process.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation over Litigation

Divorce has proven to be a financially crippling alternative to many couples.  Because mediated divorce always costs far less than traditional divorce proceedings, people who decide to go their separate ways are not as likely to be hampered financially when their divorces are mediated.  Traditional divorce proceedings, those in which couples are represented by lawyers who by definition treat your divorce as adversarial, can often exacerbate the tensions and difficulties that led to your decision to seek a divorce.  The incentives for adversarial attorneys is therefore to win, which usually translates to longer and more protracted processes that require greater financial and emotional expense to the divorcing couple.  Divorce mediation, however, seeks to avoid all of that.

Burnsville, Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

In divorce mediation, you and your divorcing spouse work together with a mediator which means that emphasis is placed on resolving conflicts and finding ways to cooperate and collaborate.  This helps you move on to the next phase of your lives.  AMS Mediation in Burnsville, Minnesota, understands that few if any couples will emerge from the divorce process without residual pain, anguish, and/or conflict, but we also know that it is possible to resolve conflicts and significantly reduce negative feelings between divorcing spouses.  The reduction of conflict alone can prepare you better for the next chapter of your life.

Settle the Terms of your Divorce with Mediation

We have found that most people desire to reach resolution with their divorcing partners because the stress of holding on to anger and bitterness is self-defeating.  Mediation is simply set up better than court-based divorce processes to help you and your divorcing spouse feel better about the end of your marriage.

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