Are you having a hard time getting through to your child recently? Do you feel like you simply can’t do anything right? Have you become disappointed in your parenting abilities or in your child’s behavior? If you’ve reached this point as a parent, you’re not alone, and you certainly won’t be the last. In fact, understanding that you’re facing parenting problems that you can’t solve on your own shows that you know yourself and your child and understand that the complex parent-child relationship needs more than we, as parents, can give, sometimes. That’s why at Amber M. Serwat Mediation, we provide parenting coaching services to help parents work through parenting problems separately or together. Contact our Burnsville parenting coach today, and see how we can help improve your relationship with your child during this trying time.

Making Changes Easier for Children

Often times, major changes in children’s lives can have large impacts on how they view their lives and the role within the family. If you and your parenting partner have recently gone through a divorce or separation, or if you’ve made any major changes, including scheduled visitation changes, moving homes, splitting homes, or welcoming a new spouse or siblings into your home, then your child could be responding negatively to these changes. A parenting coach will help you talk through these with your child to foster positive parent-child communication about the benefits of recent changes.

Improving Behavior by Establishing Routines

From the very beginning of a child’s life, routines are a crucial element of bringing up a happy, healthy child. Routines are essential for most adults, from the morning coffee to the drive home from work every day, and for children, it’s the same, even though their lives are constantly changing around them. This is exactly why they need their routines – to create a sense of normalcy out of the chaos of changes surrounding them. Our parenting coach will help you establish routines for your child to improve behavior and help your child feel more positively about the changes they’re experiencing and the life they lead as individuals and as part of your family.

Improving Parent-Child Communication

Communication is a crucial element of the parent coaching process, as parent-child communication is the only thing that can improve parent-child relationships. Whether your family is going through a difficult transition full of changes, you’re looking to establish routines, or you need a way to make clear to your child that they should not be afraid of the changes between you and your parenting partner, communication is key. A parenting coach will help you foster productive communication with your child so that you are keeping them “in the loop,” treating them as the integral part of your family that they are while balancing your need to protect them. Contact Amber M. Serwat Mediation at 952-252-1492 or, and let our Burnsville parenting coach help you solve your parenting problems, improve your parent-child relationship, and make transitions easier.