Big life changes are never easy. And, when a life change like a relocation is made more complicated by an existing parenting agreement, you may begin to wonder if this new start is even possible. Moving out of the state of Minnesota if you are divorced and co-parenting is difficult to manage and navigate, but not impossible. The best path forward may be to discuss the idea of this move with your ex-spouse with the help of a mediator. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN offers a wide variety of parenting mediation services to help divorced couples find solutions to complicated issues without having to go through the court system.

Parenting Mediation Services

The purpose of parenting mediation is to help divorcing or divorced couples find creative, unique and customized solutions to problems that come up while you are co-parenting, even well after your marriage has ended. An out of state relocation may be extremely stressful for you and your ex-spouse to think about on your own. A mediator will not make a decision about what is best for you situation, but will instead help you discuss unknown options and help you identify potential solutions in a positive and productive way, rather than jumping to a quick, costly and often adversarial court battle. Perhaps most importantly, parenting mediation can help shield your children from unnecessary stress.

During parenting mediation, the mediator serves as a neutral facilitator, and does not make the decision for the couple. The mediator encourages open dialogue and helps the divorced couple cover the topics that are important to both parties. If the couple can find common ground and come up with a mutually agreed upon solution, a mediated agreement can be formalized by filing it with the court and the mediator can help with that part of the process as well.

Parenting Consultant Services

Another potential resource for difficult situations like a potential move out of state is a parenting consultant (PC). Using a Parenting Consultant is agreed upon by both parents and is formalized in a court order. Unlike parenting mediators, Parenting Consultants have the authority to enforce, interpret, and clarify existing court orders and Parenting Plans. Parenting Consultants are often contracted to work with a couple for a long period of time.

AMS Mediation offers many different parenting mediation services and can help you and your ex-spouse decide what direction to pursue for your unique situation. Amber Serwat, founder of AMS Mediation has years of experience in this area and offers a free one hour consultation so that you can ask questions and learn more about the array of services available. Call Amber today at 952-252-1492 for more information.