Child Centered Divorce MediatorIf you and your spouse have children and have made the decision to divorce, you have already spent significant time and energy determining how best to move forward keeping your children in mind. The fact is that divorce is extremely difficult on the children in a marriage. Kids do not have a say in whether their parents divorce or stay together. Children are put in a situation where they are forced to adjust to the big change. There are things that you and your soon to be ex-spouse can do to help ease the transition for your kids. Navigating the divorce process keeping your child (or children) front and center in your mind can go a long way toward helping them cope long term.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation when you have Children

Mediation is an excellent and effective way to settle your divorce in a child centered way. Amber Serwat with AMS Mediation specializes in a child centered divorce process. Settling a divorce via litigation can be extremely adversarial and leaves the control of big decisions like child custody, child support and division of property to the court.  A court battle is also extremely expensive and can takes months (and sometimes longer) to resolve, which leaves both you and your children unsure about the future. Mediation offers a cost effective solution for settling a divorce that values compromise over conflict and is most definitely better for your children. In addition, and more importantly, you and your divorcing spouse make the important decisions related to your divorce and your children, with the help of a child centered divorce mediator.

Amber Serwat is an experienced and trusted mediator with many years of experience helping families settle divorce while keeping the children from the marriage at the forefront of each and every decision. In addition to her formal professional mediation training, Amber has also been through a difficult divorce herself. She has seen firsthand how difficult a divorce can be on kids, so she will work closely with you to minimize the conflict, which can in turn minimize the negative impact on your children. She can help you and your spouse work together, not against each other, for the sake of your children.

Experienced Child Centered Divorce Mediator

If you would like to learn more about working with Amber Serwat, an experienced child centered divorce mediator, call AMS Mediation at 952-252-1492. Amber offers free 30 minute consultations so that you can get more information about how the process might work for your specific case.