Child Custody Evaluations in MinnesotaDespite the fact that Child Custody Evaluations in Minnesota are fairly frequent in our state, they still cause stress for those impacted by them. Any family that has experienced a divorce or significant family change will almost certainly go through some degree of stress when a child custody evaluation becomes necessary. Fortunately, AMS Mediation works with the goal of helping families through such processes with greater ease and less stress.

Experienced Minnesota Custody Evaluator

When you work with AMS Mediation in the context of a child custody evaluation, we will help you feel more than adequately prepared for what’s to come. Most child custody evaluations involve a mental health practitioner, usually but not always a psychologist, to evaluate the people involved and then makes a professional recommendation to the court about custody and visitation. For most people, being evaluated is likely to produce some discomfort. When the evaluation could affect the amount of time you spend with your children, the stress is likely to increase, which is why it is so important to work with a service like AMS Mediation so that you can benefit from our expertise and feel prepared for the evaluation process.

Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation can serve as your Custody Evaluator (CE) and complete a full investigation, written report and even provide testimony if the case moves to court. It is normal for two parents to have very different opinions about how child custody should be divided. A Custody Evaluation can provide useful, unbiased data that can help the courts make the best decision for your children and your family.

Child Custody Means Putting Your Children First

It may help to remind yourself that the primary purpose of a child custody evaluation is to make certain that your children’s well-being is prioritized. All parents want what is best for their kids, and the child custody evaluation process is an important tool in determining that their needs are being met. Child custody evaluations are most often conducted when parents find themselves unable to reach agreement on a child custody plan. One of the more common reasons an evaluation is ordered is that one or both parents assert that the current agreement is not meeting the needs of their children.

Not only will you want to be prepared for the child custody evaluation, you will want to make sure that your children are also prepared for the process. Children often respond well when they are told that the evaluation process is designed to make sure that they are being taken care of as well as possible. Children often know when adults are trying to convince them of something insincere, but because child custody evaluations truly are for the benefit of children, children may respond positively to the idea that the evaluation process helps ensure the best possible care for them.
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