Child Custody Mediation MinnesotaArguably the greatest advantage of AMS Mediation is that it achieves the balance between keeping current on the most respected and viable methods of mediation and being ahead of the cutting-edge of mediation techniques and approaches. Nowhere in its vast professional pantheon of mediation services is this more true than in its approach to child-custody issues. AMS Mediation understands, first, that mediation has become the preferred method of response to divorce since the 1980s. And insofar as divorce has the potential to negatively affect children who are affected by divorce, AMS Mediation works to minimize the negative impact of divorce on children and, in many cases, provide the potential to ensure that children emerge from the process without lasting battle scars.

Tips For Successfully Navigating Divorce

AMS Mediation insists on an honest approach to resolving the conflicts that are present in divorcing couples. On a surface level, honesty is of course the most likely response to minimize ongoing difficulty between the divorcing spouses. But even more essentially and importantly, when honesty is present among the parents, children are far more likely to emerge from the divorce process with fewer emotional and psychological issues. Divorce is stressful and painful at best; it is heart-wrenching and expensive and emotionally damaging at worst. But AMS Mediation serves to minimize the most difficult aspects of divorce and can actually help divorcing parents find ways to turn negatives into positives for their children.

For mediation to have the most positive impact, parents must approach the process with an open mind. AMS Mediation facilitates this by encouraging the members of the divorcing couple to focus more on their children’s well-being and less on the conflict between the adults. And doing so frees the parents to work out honest solutions, rather than simply play out their anger, bitterness, and resentment toward their soon-to-be exes.

Importance of Making Children The Priority

The cutting-edge of mediation, especially as it relates to child-custody issues, encourages parents to enter into the mediation process by being prepared and open-minded. By prioritizing the needs of their children, it is far more likely that the resolution process not only goes more smoothly but will end with less (perhaps no) animosity. AMS Mediation encourages divorcing parents to recognize the strengths of their divorcing spouses. In turn, this can have the effect of communicating to the children that the parents are still united in their love for and support of their children.

The changes initiated by the divorce need not be so totally negative on children, and the honest approach by AMS Mediation can help guarantee a more amicable and healthy resolution to the process, especially for the children involved. Call the team at AMS Mediation at 1.952.252.1492 for more information about our services.