Child custody is very often the most contentious part of a divorce proceeding. Deciding how to account for the time you and your spouse will spend with you children is understandably an difficult and emotional decision. If you and your spouse are engaged and involved in your children’s lives, of course you are going to want to spend as much time with them as possible. And, signing divorce papers and an initial custody agreement is just the beginning a new phase of co-parenting. It is likely that you will need to make modifications to your child-custody agreement at some point after your divorce. When this occurs, AMS Mediation will be able to help you make reasonable and fair changes to your child custody agreement.

Changing your Child Custody Modification

The mechanics of modifying a child custody agreement are fairly simple. The appropriate paperwork will need to be filed in the court system where the original child custody agreement was filed. The filing is the simple part. The more difficult part of the process is agreeing on what the changes should be. AMS Mediation can help you and your ex-spouse determine the best path forward — our trained mediators can help facilitate positive and productive discussion between you and your ex that can result in a new custody arrangement that works for all involved.

Children First Divorce Agreement Modifications

No single aspect of a divorce process is more important than child custody. And, there are many situations that can occur after a divorce that requires you to modify your agreement to spend more or less time with your children. It is common for one parent to have new or different work responsibilities and changes to their work schedule. A child may have issues with a new stepparent or the fact that one parent may need to relocate. All of these issues can result in the need for a modification to a child custody agreement.

Co-Parenting after Divorce

If you have questions about whether or not you need to modify your child custody agreement, AMS Mediation can help you there too. If you worked with AMS Mediation to mediate your divorce, you will know that we are fully committed to our clients during and after their divorce proceedings. If you have not worked with us before, we would want you to know that we have staked our reputation on being strong advocates on behalf of our clients. Our advocacy is combined with our knowledge of Minnesota divorce law and mediating disagreements among divorcing and divorced couples.

If you need to modify your child custody agreement, AMS Mediation would be happy to help you. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 952.252.1492.