The process of determining child support can be very complicated, not simply because of changes in law pertaining to child support, but because the law can be applied differently to different cases. But, the most important thing when thinking about determining child support is the well-being of the children in the marriage. And the team at AMS Mediation focuses on understanding the subtleties and nuances of the law so that the families we work with are well taken care of.

How Is Child Support Determined?

When children are present in a marriage that will soon end in divorce, the parents are almost always going to have some number of serious disagreements. Because of our expertise pertaining to child-support issues, however, we can help both parents reach agreements ensuring their children are taken into account and will receive the appropriate level of care they need coming out of the divorce. Conflict with a spouse can cause us to lose perspective. Through the mediation process, we can help to restore a healthy perspective so that you can feel at peace and know that the financial concerns of your kids are duly considered and contracted.

If child support is an issue in your divorce, let us help you. We can help you understand how child support is determined in Minnesota and empower you to come to a solution that works best for your kids. Factors such as the amount of money each parent earns help determine the monetary contribution of each parent toward child support. It is also important to know that others can also petition for child-support. If a relative or other caretaker of your children is affected by your divorce, they can request child-support. We can use the MN Child Support Calculator to help guide the process or you can decide to come up with a more flexible option that suites the unique needs of your family.

There are three basic areas of support courts consider when determining child support. We can incorporate these into your final settlement.

1. Basic support (which pays for such essential items as food, housing, clothing, and education).
2. Medical support (which pays for doctor visits, dental services, insurance, co-pays, and prescriptions).
3. Child-care support, as described in some detail above.

Experienced Divorce Mediator Burnsville

The team at AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, can assist you with the very complicated process of determining child-support payments during your divorce settlement. Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation is a divorce mediator and an expert in family law, which makes her an excellent choice for helping you determine your child-support plan following your divorce. You can contact her at by phone 952.252.1492.