Part 1 of Children and Conflict

Children do best when their parents cooperate with each other. The reverse is also true.  Children who experience ongoing conflict between parents are at high risk for suffering serious long-term emotional problems.

Children are Harmed When Parents:

  • Make their child choose between them or ask them to take a side.
  • Question their child about the other parent’s activities or relationships.
  • Make promises they don’t keep.
  • Drop in and out of the child’s life.
  • Are inconsistent in using their parenting time.
  • Argue with or put down the other parent in front of the child or where the child can overhear.
  • Discuss their personal problems with the child or where the child can overhear.
  • Use the child as a messenger, spy, negotiator and/or mediator.
  • Stop or interfere with parenting time because child support hasn’t been paid.
  • Are disrespectful with each other.
  • Undermine the child’s relationship with the other parent.

Source: Planning for Parenting Time: Arizona’s Guide for Parents Living Apart.