Nurturing Behaviors…

Trust & Respect = Acknowledge children’s right to their own feelings, friends, activities & opinions.  Promote independence & allow privacy.  Respect feelings for other parent.  Believe your children.

Nurturing Behaviors

Promote Emotional Security = Talk and act so that children feel safe & comfortable expressing themselves.  Be gentle & dependable.

Provide Physical Security = Provide food, shelter, clothing.  Teach personal hygiene & nutrition.  Maintain a family routine.  Monitor safety & treat injuries.

Provide Discipline = Be consistent.  Set clear and age appropriate limits & expectations.  Use discipline to instruct, not punish.

Give Time = Participate in your children’s activities, school, sports, special events/days, celebrations, and with their friends.  Include your children in your activities.  Allow your children to see who you are and what you believe.

Encourage and Support = Be affirming and patient.  Encourage individual interests. Teach new skills & recognize improvement.   Allow disagreement and mistakes.

Give Affection = Provide verbal & physical affection.  Be affectionate when children are physically and emotionally hurt.

Care for Yourself = Make time for yourself.  Stay healthy, maintain friendships and accept love.  Ask for and accept assistance from family and friends.

Source:    Adapted from Domestic Abuse Intervention Project –Duluth


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