Plans for coparenting MNBecause divorce requires so much of the time, energy, and attention of the two members of the divorcing couple, the welfare of the children affected by the divorce are often unintentionally made a secondary concern.  AMS Mediation, based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is doing more than its fair share to ensure that children who are affected by their parents’ divorce are given primary attention.  As a result, AMS Mediation offers a variety of Co-Parenting Support Services to couples with children.

AMS Mediation is committed to ensuring the health and welfare of children who are affected by divorce.  At AMS Mediation, we always operate from a child-focused perspective.  Our team understands that when parents initiate the end of their relationship—or simply introduce significant changes to their living situations—children can experience levels of stress that negatively influence their social and psychological development, their short-term and their long-term well-being, and their physical health.  But as much as children are innocent victims of parental conflict, AMS Mediation has worked hard to develop expertise in the areas of identifying the sources of conflict and multiple ways of positively addressing them.

AMS Mediation’s Co-Parenting Support Services

Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) –  A PTE is a court-appointed mediator who helps parents resolve disputes related to the time they spend with their children.  Use of a PTE is typically less expensive and time-consuming than court-based processes.

Parenting Consultant –  A parenting consultant offers services similar to those described above, and is selected by mutual agreement with their parenting partner.  The parenting consultant works with the parents on a wide variety of issues and usually for a mutually agreed upon amount of time.

Parenting Coaches –  A parenting coach works one-on-one with a parent to help that person address a variety of issues, including those that overlap with their former partner.  The Parenting Coach helps a parent address issues of communication, boundary setting, and effective ways of addressing points of conflict with their parenting partner.

Parenting Mediation –  A service provided by AMS Mediation that involves working with both parents to identify the issues that are preventing them from optimizing their roles as parents to their children.

Get The Help You Need To Navigate Divorce

Regardless of the specifics of your issues with your co-parenting partner, AMS Mediation can almost certainly be of assistance to you.  Call 952-252-1492 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about AMS Mediation’s comprehensive co-parenting support services offered to those in the Burnsville, MN area.