Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services in the Twin CitiesAMS Mediation offers comprehensive divorce mediation services to couples who have decided divorce is the next step for them.  If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, the team at AMS Mediation would like you to know that you have options available to you that do not have to include traditional court processes, adversarial lawyers, or pocket-emptying costs.  AMS Mediation has become one of the most respected divorce mediation services because of our professionalism and knowledge of and expertise in Minnesota divorce law. Divorce has historically been frowned upon and most often characterized by conflict and anger.  More recently, however, divorce mediators have provided alternatives that seek to minimize conflict and maximize the potential for healthy resolution of differences between the couple.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The more familiar and traditional court proceedings will likely never be entirely replaced, but divorce mediators have stepped in to fill a need that court systems simply cannot fill.  The usefulness of court-based divorce proceedings cannot be denied, such as when the dividing vast resources requires teams of lawyers to accomplish. Most couples, however, do not have such complex resources requiring division by teams of lawyers.  Increasingly, mediation is the more preferable option for many people seeking divorce.  Mediated divorce can be especially preferable to divorcing parents who have children.  AMS Mediation’s approach to mediation prioritizes moving forward in healthy ways, and empowering the couple to resolve their issues in ways that work for their unique situation.  The court does not have the luxury of going into the depth necessary to prioritize moving forward.  Courts need to clear calendars.  Divorce mediators need to help clients reach healthy resolution.

Another benefit of divorce mediation is that it costs much less than traditional court proceedings. Working with a divorce mediator is likely to be far less expensive than lawyers in an adversarial court-based divorce.  We can help you keep costs down if you expect that your divorce can proceed relatively simply. This means you have few complications, minimal conflict between you and your divorcing spouse, and a willingness to compromise to resolve your differences.  Mediated divorce also offers the divorcing couple more control over the process.

Role of a Divorce Mediator

A divorce mediator will help to empower each party to feel a greater sense of control over the process.  A good mediator will demonstrate the flexibility to reach agreement that more traditional court processes often cannot.  AMS Mediation understands Minnesota divorce law and we interpret it accurately.  Our ethical standards are beyond reproach, and you never have to worry about breaches of confidentiality.

Along those lines, when working with couples we operate as a neutral third party, motivated by helping you reach resolution by respecting each other.  We help you and your spouse and, of course, your children by working to find the best possible resolution for all involved.

The divorce mediators at AMS Mediation would be happy to help you get through the difficulty of divorce.  To set up a free consultation, call us at 952.252.1492


The safety of clients, ourselves, and colleagues is our top priority while we remain available to assist you as you navigate the new and uncharted territory caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


While providing virtual ADR services was not part of our plan, we have made the necessary accommodations to ensure we can continue to serve our clients during these unsettling times. We are now working remotely and ensure the ongoing availability of mediation, PC, PTE and other ADR services.

Our office hours remain the same and we remain available by phone and email. The main office number is 952.252.1492.

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We continue to offer free 1-hour divorce consultations via Zoom. Potential PC and PTE clients are invited to schedule a free 15-minute phone call. Please call 952.252.1492 to set up an appointment. We are here to help!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all adapt to these rapidly changing and chaotic times. Stay strong, remain resilient and stay healthy!

Amber Serwat and Gayle Ladwig
ADR Professional and ADR Assistant

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