Divorce Conflict Resolution MNAMS Mediation is perhaps best known for its exemplary service in divorce mediation (as an alternative to the traditional court-related processes surrounding divorce), but it is important to know that AMS Mediation’s renowned expertise in divorce mediation begins with the more general expertise in conflict resolution.

Higher Satisfaction & Lower Cost | Divorce Mediation Process

In order to develop a reputation in the more specialized forms of mediation, the more general must be achieved first. AMS Mediation, which is based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is knowledgeable about virtually every aspect of conflict resolution. And increasingly it is true that aggrieved parties are seeking mediation, rather than seeking and finding resolution via the more familiar and traditional court process. Court processes tend to be much more expensive to all parties involved and are likely to provide less satisfaction with the resolutions that are reached. Mediation, on the other hand (and especially the kind of confidential, concentrated, and advocacy-based mediation provided by AMS Mediation), has a higher rate of satisfaction for those who seek it out.

AMS Mediation Can Provide Support For All Types Of Conflict

Whether you are in need of assistance in finalizing a divorce from your spouse, have a conflict about your parenting schedule, or would find direction in a parenting plan – AMS Mediation offers the guarantee of confidentiality and an accurate understanding of both the individuals experiencing this and the law. Without that kind of guarantee, complainants are vulnerable to the vagaries of the legal processes and the manipulations of those who would otherwise seek to exploit the ignorance of people seeking resolution to their conflicts.

Guidance On Your New Path | Divorce & Parenting Support

And AMS Mediation does indeed offer more specialized resolution of conflict. In fact, AMS Mediation offers expert advice and guidance on issues relating to divorce, parenting mediation, parenting coaching, parenting consultation, and general parenting education. AMS Mediation provides a variety of classes as well, which serve to provide knowledge that can help clients foresee, forestall, and/or prevent greater difficulty if and when conflicts arise. AMS Mediation works on the understanding that conflict between and among people is inevitable, but that it need not be always negative in the way that it manifests. And because it is inevitable, we should feel empowered to avail ourselves of the infinitude of solutions that can be affected. AMS Mediation is uniquely positioned and expertly trained in the art and science of conflict resolution. Contact our team at 1.952.252.1492 for more information or to set up a time for a free consultation.