Court Ordered Mediation in MN If the court system has ordered you and your spouse to engage in court ordered mediation in MN, AMS Mediation is there for you. You may have initial concerns about the process and whether it will work for your situation. Mediation, after all, is supposed to be a voluntary process for couples who wish to avoid the court-based processes of divorce.  In the state of Minnesota, the courts always recommend mediation before litigation to save you time and money. Mediation is an effective tool that can be used to settle the important aspects of your divorce. While the court has the authority to determine the best means by which a couple finalizes their divorce, mediation can be viewed as a great opportunity for peace and closure. AMS Mediation is a leading divorce mediation company that can help couples with court-ordered mediation in MN settle important issues like child custody, division of property and child/spousal support.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation over Litigation

If you and your divorcing spouse began the process of divorcing through the Minnesota court system and were informed by a judge that your case is better situated in divorce mediation, you must make an attempt to resolve the issues in your divorce via mediation. You can be confident that our team at AMS Mediation can help couples just like you find their way through the maze of Minnesota divorce law.  AMS Mediation is built on the belief that, while divorce is almost always difficult, it is possible to mitigate its impact on the divorcing couple and your children.

After receiving your court-order to proceed through divorce mediation, you can choose the mediation company that you work with. AMS Mediation offers a strong commitment to providing accurate information, support, resources and we will work toward resolving the unique personal conflict that exists between you and your spouse.  Divorce mediation has become the preferred method to settle the terms of a divorce in recent years.  The court system is often very backed up so the process of finalizing a divorce is protracted.  By comparison, working with a divorce mediator requires far less time and far less expense than its historic predecessor.  One other important benefit of divorce mediation is that it allows you and your divorcing spouse to have more control over the decisions that are made regarding your divorce and your family.

Successfully Navigate Your Divorce

Working with AMS Mediation means that you will be working with a divorce mediator who is dedicated to finding areas of agreement and harmony.  We will help you and your divorcing spouse reduce the level of conflict that exists between you.  We seek to maximize cooperation and are very often successful, even when the divorcing couple is convinced that cooperation and agreement are no longer possible.

If the court has ordered you and your spouse to pursue mediation to settle your divorce, AMS Mediation can help. Call us at 952.252.1492 for a free consultation.