Custody Evaluator Serving Dakota County in MinnesotaAt AMS Mediation, we know that few things are more important to divorcing parents than determining the terms of custody.  If you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on the terms of a custody arrangement, the court may require you to work with a custody evaluator in order to ensure that the best possible decisions are made on behalf of your children.  A custody evaluator (CE) will evaluate your case over the course of several months and make specific recommendations to the court about what will be in the child’s best interest.

How Does A Custody Evaluation Work?

The most common reason a child-custody evaluation becomes necessary is to help you come to agreement on the vitally important matters of custody and visitation after your divorce is final. Custody evaluations can also be ordered when parents feel that the custody agreement that is currently in place does not work as it should for the children. In such cases, it is typical for a judge to order an evaluation at that point.  A custody evaluation generally takes three to six months to complete and while the recommendations are not legally binding, the court does put significant weight on them.

In close cases, it is typical for a psychologist to interview and evaluate both parents and their children who are affected by the custody agreement. It is best when one professional is able to perform all of the evaluations.  This provides a consistent standard of evaluation and continuity. Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation is trained and experienced in evaluating the children’s status and developmental needs, as well as their relationships with each parent. Amber can complete interviews, conduct a home visit, review court documents and school documents and can review parent’s medical and mental health testing.  After the investigation is complete, Amber can then complete a written report if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement and testify in court if necessary.

We Can Help Resolve Your Custody Dispute

Solving custody disputes is difficult.  If you and your divorcing spouse do not see eye to eye on how your child/children spend their time, you may benefit from a custody evaluation.  If you have been ordered to complete a Child-Custody Evaluation, you and your attorneys can choose a Custody Evaluator to work with along with AMS Mediation.  You can reach AMS Mediation by phone at 952.252.1492.