The thought of dealing with custody mediation as a result of a divorce or custody dispute is overwhelming.  A custody or parenting agreement can be emotionally difficult, but the most important thing to remember about mediation for custody and parenting is that everyone involved should be focusing on what is in the best interest of the child.  It is not the time to place the parents’ needs over the child’s.  The only emotions anyone should be focusing on are those of the child.  Parents will have the opportunity to address their issues at the appropriate time.

Don’t discuss child support during the custody mediation process.  There will be a time for that (which is isn’t during the custody mediation process).

Your child needs time with both parents.  Rely on both parent’s strengths and make arrangements based upon the child’s age and development.

Your mediator will guide you through the process of creating a parenting agreement.  The more you can decide on at the mediation table – the more prepared you will be to co-parent your child.  No issue is too minor to discuss while creating the parenting agreement.  For instance, you may think you will be able to make last minute decisions with your co-parent regarding school activities.  It is an optimistic point of view.  But, is it realistic?  Even the smallest decisions can lead to conflict between divorcing co-parents.  Have even the little things in your parenting agreement for you and your child will benefit immensely.  And that is what matters most – your child.

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