AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, serves the communities of Burnsville, Shakopee, Apple Valley, Dakota County, and many other nearby areas in Minnesota. If you are anywhere in the divorce process, or have a custody issue after your divorce is settled, our parenting services team can help. AMS Mediation offers comprehensive parenting services that focus on helping parenting partners resolve conflict, make child-focused decisions and establish effective parenting behaviors that will help your future interactions.

AMS Mediation offers the following parenting services:

Parenting Time Expeditor: A process that will help you and your former spouse address and resolve questions of visitation. The use of a PTE is court ordered.
Parenting Consultant: A parenting consultant focuses on helping parents fix issues that arise from gaps in their parenting agreements. A parenting consultant works closely with both parents to establish open and balanced communication and help you resolve parenting disputes outside of the court system.
Parenting Coaching provides individual guidance to help you get through momentary or situational difficulty related to your divorce.
Parenting Mediation is a general service that helps divorcing couples reach resolution on a variety of issues related to their relationship including child custody and child support.

Parenting Services, MN

AMS Mediation has earned a reputation as one of the most professional and knowledgeable mediation services in Minnesota. Amber Serwat understands that going through a divorce is tough for all involved. She has personal experience as a divorced parent with two school aged children. She understands that an adversarial divorce can have a negative impact on parenting. She will work with you to ensure this does not happen to your family.

When you work with AMS Mediation, we will help you understand that you have the strength and capacity to get through even the most challenging of times. Our parenting services are built on a model that affirms your strength, strengthens your weaknesses, and at all times has the well-being of your children at the forefront. Divorce by definition upsets the norms you have established, and it is perfectly normal to need time to adjust to new norms. The parenting services we offer go a long way toward helping you feel better in your new norms.

Solve Parenting Problems Without The Court

If you have a parenting agreement with your former spouse, we can help you answer questions and address points of disagreement within that agreement. It is quite common for divorced couples to have difficulty working within the context of their parenting agreement, and we have the training and expertise to help you maximize your communication patterns and work toward better agreements.

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