Dispute Resolution with MediationAt the heart of most divorces is conflict. You and your divorcing spouse may have experienced this conflict for years, perhaps about money, issues of trust, different parenting styles or commitment to work. AMS believes in dispute resolution with mediation. If you have determined that it is time to divorce so that you can both move forward with your life in a more positive way, you may assume that there is much more conflict ahead. Divorce mediation is a highly effective way to settle all types of divorce disputes in a relatively fast and cost effective way. AMS Mediation has helped many divorcing couples navigate the divorce process in a more positive and productive way.

Divorce mediation can help resolve the following disputes by focusing on cooperation and compromise:

  • Custody Dispute Resolution: Deciding how to structure the custody arrangement can be one of the most difficult and potentially contentious parts of a divorce. Divorce very often means spending less time with your kids is not ideal. Mediation can help you and your divorcing spouse settle your custody disputes and put your children’s needs first and find ways to begin your new relationship as co-parents. AMS Mediation specializes in developing parenting plans that are workable for all sides, and individualized so that specific unique needs are taken into account.
  • Divorce Dispute Resolution: Mediation offers you and your spouse a way to settle all aspects of your divorce without costly litigation. Litigation often increases the conflict between the parties, whereas mediation actually reduces it. AMS Mediation offers comprehensive divorce mediation services that are less expensive (both financially and emotionally) than a court battle.
  • Property Dispute Resolution: When you are married, you accumulate many possessions. This joint property must be separated fairly when you divorce. Mediation is a great way to decide how to divide property, assets and also debts without having to go through the courts. Our mediators will help you account for all of your property and then determine how to divide it in a fair and equitable way.

Settle Your Divorce with Mediation

AMS Mediation understands that divorce is difficult and full of conflicts and disputes. Rather than pouring more fuel on the fire by going through costly litigation, divorce mediation allows you to de-escalate the situation and settle disputes in a costly, fair and productive way. For more information about our dispute resolution services, call our divorce mediation team at 952-252-1492 to schedule a free consultation.