We all know the list of life’s major stressors: a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, loss of job, moving to a new and unfamiliar location, and, of course, divorce. Relating to one another is complex business; relating to another person in an intimate relationship is all the more difficult. And when the promise of happily-ever-after ends in divorce, the prospects associated with moving forward—much less dating—can be daunting.

The services provided by AMS Mediation can be extremely helpful in helping you make the transition back into the world of dating. AMS provides a variety of helpful services, including divorce and parenting assistance. A natural outgrowth of these services is how to prepare for and enter the transition phases associated with dating after divorce.

How To Start Over After a Divorce

AMS Mediation believes in the importance of self-awareness (knowing yourself) as the most important factor in successful dating. The theory goes that if you do not know yourself, there is no real effective way of identifying the qualities and characteristics in another person that will be good for you. But engaging in reflection activities that help you understand what you like and do not like, enjoy and do not enjoy, love and loathe can be important to separating the proverbial wheat from the proverbial chaff.

Coming out of a marriage, even one that did not last for decades, establishes patterns in the individual that can be rooted deeply in behaviors that are not optimal for you. One such limiting behavior that can result from an unhealthy relationship is believing that examining yourself is selfish. To the person who has learned that all selfish behaviors are bad, being encouraged to engage in self-awareness activity may contradict what you have been taught your whole life. But think of it this way: If you took a shower this morning or ate breakfast in preparation for the workday, you acted selfishly. But few would argue that showering or nourishing yourself is negatively selfish. Those activities are necessary for navigating the world we live in, and so too are the activities that increase self-awareness. If you know more about yourself, you’ll be better prepared to identify what you need in the dating world.

AMS Mediation: Help Moving Forward

Consider seeking the assistance of AMS Mediation during this transition period. You will likely find that it gives you a new and genuine confidence, which the dating world certainly requires. Contact our team by email at amber@amsmediationplus.com or by phone at 952-252-1492.