AMS Mediation provides divorce support for people going through divorce.  Divorce Mediation is being used more and more frequently by couples in Minnesota who have decided to dissolve their marriages because it is less expensive than traditional court-based divorce proceedings.  AMS Mediation prioritizes its role as an impartial third-party because of the desire to help all family members who are affected by the divorce emerge with as little damage as possible and give the couple the best chance of lessening the impact of divorce.

Divorce Mediation Services, MN

If you are in a marriage that is ending because either you or your spouse committed adultery, AMS Mediation could be exactly what you need to minimize the long-term damage caused by the infidelity.  In Minnesota, which is a no-fault divorce state, the definition of ‘adultery’ is neither current nor inclusive.  The definition holds that adultery occurs when a married woman has sex with a man who is not her husband.  This definition does not take into consideration the possibility of a man being unfaithful to his wife, nor of the new legal status of same-sex marriage and the possibility of infidelity in same-sex relationships.  AMS Mediation’s expertise, however, can help you navigate the most complex aspects of Minnesota law.

When divorce is sought because one party has engaged in infidelity, the member of the couple who has been hurt by their spouse’s infidelity is likely to experience a wide range of painful and confusing emotions.  That person is likely to feel betrayed by the partner who cheated, which could lead to stronger emotions like sadness, depression, anger, and others that are complicated and difficult to navigate.  AMS Mediation has the training and professional expertise to help you get a greater base of knowledge about your emotional and psychological responses.  It is that kind of support that is likely to help you move on sooner with your life and allow you to begin healing.

Divorce Services After Infidelity

The help that can be provided by AMS Mediation will almost certainly give you the strength you need in order to go through the process of divorce with a sense strength and greater clarity.  Divorce is never easy, but when you make the decision to get divorced, and when you do it in conjunction with your spouse, the process is likely to be smoother and less severe than when infidelity comes as a shock to one spouse.  In those cases, it is important that you find a way to move forward in the healthiest way possible.  Call AMS Mediation at (952) 252-1492 for more information about a wide range of divorce mediation services.