Co Parenting Help MNTransitioning through difficult times during a divorce can be especially difficult for children. AMS Mediation provides Parenting Solutions that can empower parents to work together and co-parent successfully. We offer a variety of resources and Professional Parenting and Mediation Services for Minnesota families. The results can a collaborative effort that works in the best interest of the children and subsequently each parent. At AMS Mediation, our focus is on forming Parenting Partnerships, Reducing Conflicts and Conserving Financial Resources through a fair and confidential mediation process.

Professional Parenting and Mediation Services

  • Divorce Mediation:
    • The Divorce Mediation process is a client-centered approach to conflict resolution. As a Divorce Mediator, AMS Mediation can assist with finding a peaceful settlement that is less costly, more timely and confidential.
  • Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE):
    • The Social Early Neutral Evaluation program was developed as a way for parents to resolve issues and make their own decisions regarding the fate of the children. It is a confidential process that assists in finding solutions for custody and parenting time issues.
  • Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE):
    • The Financial Early Neutral Evaluation program is an alternative dispute resolution method that is common in Minnesota. Both parties meet with the evaluator in an effort to resolve complex financial issues that would come up in the divorce process.
  • Divorce Coach:
    • A Divorce Coach provides resources, confidence and strategies as you transition through the divorce process. At AMS Mediation, we can skillfully guide you as you navigate through the many choices and decisions along the way.
  • Parenting Coach:
    • A Parenting Coach assists with the decision making process while keeping the best interest of the children as the highest priority. A parent faces many challenges with issues including co-parenting, adjusting to family changes and setting boundaries.
  • Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE):
    • A Parenting Time Expeditor’s goal is to resolve parenting time issues through negotiations to reach a mutual agreement. The PTE is authorized to make decisions for resolving disputes if an agreement cannot be reached.
  • Parenting Education:
    • Parenting Classes teach techniques for effective parenting after a relationship ends. Several topics are covered including; communication, trust building, conflict management and behaviors to avoid.
  • Parenting Mediation:
    • The Parenting Mediation process is an efficient and cost effective method of resolving parenting issues that arise after a divorce. A neutral mediator can help with shared parenting concerns such as activities, visitation, communication and child support.

Minnesota Mediator and Parenting Consultant

AMS Mediation provides cost effective and fair Conflict Resolution for divorcing parents. Our Professional Mediation and Parenting Services provide resources and techniques to assist in transitioning to your new life while looking out for the best interest of the children. The mediation process can be more affordable, less adversarial, faster and a more empowering avenue for Parenting Partnerships in Minnesota.

Contact AMS Mediation for help with Co-Parenting Challenges and Cost Effective Conflict Resolution by calling (952) 252-1492.