The difficult decision to alter the makeup of a family unit usually does not come easily. By the time a couple decides to get a divorce there can be a history of conflicts that need to be addressed in an effective manner. Beginning the process by choosing a skilled divorce mediator is a very productive first step. AMS Mediation provides Apple Valley, MN couples with an expertise in defusing difficult situations that may seem overwhelming. Our Early Neutral Evaluation services emphasize divorce conflict resolution in family law areas focused on financial, social and parenting issues.

Types of Early Neutral Evaluation in MN

Family law issues that can be settled with the help of a professional early neutral evaluator are broken down into two different categories. They are Social and Financial. Each type of early neutral evaluation, both social and financial, are provided by well-qualified and experienced professionals with a deep understanding of Minnesota family laws and how they would pertain to individual cases. This alternative process for conflict resolution is provided as a way to assess a divorce case before it proceeds through the court process.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) Services

When providing services as a Financial Early Neutral Evaluator, AMS Mediation is focused on divorce conflict issues related to finances. FENE addresses areas related to property, financial support, alimony and debts.

Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) Services

AMS Mediation provides Social Early Neutral Evaluation Services in the St Paul, MN area. Issues that are addressed through SENE include conflicts with parenting time and child custody disputes. Social early neutral evaluators sometimes work as a team of two professionals.

Early Neutral Evaluation Process

When used as an effective resource for resolving conflicts related to divorce, the early neutral evaluation process begins and ends before dissolution of marriage. Upon completion of ENE sessions, the evaluator will provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a divorce court trial. At this point, the parties may choose to proceed with a trial or work with a professional mediator to resolve divorce conflicts outside of the courtroom.

Early Neutral Evaluations Provider

Conflicts are very common since each marriage is made up of two unique individuals that may have differing needs and expectations from the marriage. The services provided by an Early Neutral Evaluator can result in divorce conflict resolution that is respectful and confidential. AMS Mediation provides couples with the option to proceed with the early neutral evaluation process and continue on with divorce mediation.

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