divorce parenting education MNAMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, offers extremely helpful educational classes for support during and after divorce.  Our highly qualified staff offers a toolkit for navigating your legal process and will help you keep your divorce from escalating, and becoming needlessly expensive.  Anyone who has been through a divorce can tell you that legal processes can be overwhelmingly confusing and stressful, but this can be minimized.

In addition, AMS Mediation has a toolkit to help you gain confidence in creating a successful separate parenting plan.

Class 1: A Toolkit for Navigating Your Legal Process

The legal processes of divorce can cause the dissolution of your marriage to become more adversarial than you or your spouse might want or have expected.  The Legal Processes class provides insight into the common dynamics of divorce and empowers both members of the divorcing couple to enter the process with a healthier perspective and more direct knowledge of their own responses to the divorce.  Some of the topics covered in this class include:

  • Stress and grieving: Understanding the normal responses of stress and grief can help you address your response to them, which allows faster healing and healthier responses.
  • Legal Options: Options available to the couple relating to the legal process
  • Division of property: Even couples who believe they have little in the way of possessions can find that what they co-own is difficult to divide, but AMS Mediation can help you make the division of property easier.
  • Child support – Navigating the child support process can be extremely taxing, AMS Mediation is here to help.
  • Spousal maintenance – Alimony, spousal maintenance and spousal support are all terms used to describe the same thing – when one spouse may be ordered to pay sum form of money to the other spouse following a divorce.
  • Parenting plans: This may be the real essence of the divorce process when children are affected. Couples who do not have the benefit of a mediation provider like AMS Mediation are more likely to find themselves in adversarial situations without a solution. But AMS Mediation offers common-sense solutions that serve your children well and minimize unnecessary conflict.

Class 2: A Toolkit for Successful Separate Parenting

The emotions experienced by divorcing couples can complicate how you provide parenting to your children. AMS Mediation has the experience and knowledge to help you understand your unique experience alongside the trends that have been identified by AMS Mediation in divorcing couples.  Some of the covered topics in Class 2 include:

  • Maximizing communication skills
  • How conflict impacts children
  • Children’s needs, organized by age-group
  • Understanding the dynamics of change and rebuilding trust
  • Conflict and anger
  • Ensuring the provision of healthy-parenting environments

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