The divorce process is new, complex and difficult for nearly everyone who navigates it. After all, if you are lucky, you NEVER experience a divorce and if you do, mostly likely it only happens once. So, when you are faced with the prospect of a divorce from your spouse, you may have many questions about child/spousal support, division of property, and how to set up a parenting plan (or custody agreement) in a way that puts your kids first. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN offers a wide variety of divorce education classes that can help you learn more about the process, ask questions about your specific situation and gather information about what to expect from the process.

Divorce Education Classes

The two divorce education courses offered by our team at AMS Mediation cover many relevant and pressing topics that will provide you with the information that you need to navigate the process with less stress and more confidence and certainty.

Course 1: Toolkit For Navigating Your Legal Process provides useful, accurate and up-to-date information about the legal process of a divorce so that you can make sure that your divorce is as cost effective as possible and puts the needs of your family first. This course covers topics such as:

● Managing the stress of a divorce and the grieving process
● Processing the many emotions of divorce and uncoupling
● Domestic violence other complicating factors
● Options for the legal process in Minnesota
● Early neutral evaluations
● Property division
● Spousal maintenance
● Child support
● Developing usable and detailed parenting plans

Course 2: Toolkit For Successful Separate Parenting offers divorcing couples guidance and insight about what to expect as you transition from parenting together to parenting separately. This course covers the following topics:

● How conflict can affect kids
● Children’s needs and perspectives by age group
● How to talk to your kids about divorce
● Dynamics of change how to begin to rebuild trust
● How to establish healthy parenting environments
● Anger & conflict Management
● Effective communication skills
● How to model positive behavior for your kids

Divorce Support

If you live in the Burnsville, Edina, or Richfield, MN area and are facing a divorce in the coming months, now is a great time to reach out to the AMS Mediation staff for support and resources to help you navigate this difficult process. Our team can be reached at 952.252.1492 or by email at