Mediation Services and Support for Divorce MNIf life has become complicated to the point that you are considering or actively seeking a divorce, the chances are good that you could benefit from the assistance of AMS Mediation, especially if you live in Minnesota. Divorce mediation is fast becoming a much more preferred method of finalizing a divorce than court proceedings. AMS Mediation offers 100% confidentiality and depth of experience with the processes associated with divorce. Seeking a divorce via mediation can reduce the financial cost of divorce; additionally, mediation can help resolve issues that exist between you and your partner, and addressing those issues can in turn reduce the stress of the process on you.

Most important, though, AMS Mediation can help you reach agreements that will ultimately benefit your children. Some specific services provided include the following:

  • Parenting time expeditor: This is a court-ordered process that helps to resolve issues of time spent with children in a binding way, but which does not involve long and drawn-out court process.
  • Parenting consultation: If one parent has an issue with the manner in which the other parent is acting or treating the children, a parenting consultant is empowered to determine what is in the best interests of the children involved. Issues between the parents are resolved by working with the parenting consultant.
  • Parenting mediation: This process allows the divorcing couple to work closely with the mediator to determine parenting plans, schedules, and other aspects of the children’s new lives in order to optimize their adjustment to their parents’ divorce.
  • Parenting coaching: When individual attention can benefit one parent, a parenting coach can offer insight and information to improve communication, manage transitions, set healthy boundaries, and find perspective when changes occur in the lives of those involved.
  • Parenting after divorce: A divorce ends a marriage, but it is also just the beginning of a new phase of parenting. As parents become more distanced from the finalizing of their divorce, the children are growing and changing too.
  • Divorce Education and Parenting Education Classes: These educational opportunities can educate you about the legal process of divorce and covers the basics of family law proceedings.

The benefits of mediation when seeking a divorce are numerous. And the benefits of seeking AMS Mediation specifically when you are in the process of divorcing are equally so. You will receive the comfort of guaranteed confidentiality and professionalism; creativity in finding solutions to problems that seemed unresolvable; peace of mind that your children will benefit by a reduction in conflict; and a future-focus that will maximize problem-solving as the focus of your approach to divorce.

If you would like more information about the numerous services provided by AMS Mediation, call 1-952-252-1492.