MN Divorce MediationMediation is fast becoming the preferred method for settling a divorce for more families.  It is no huge surprise, really, as there are many appealing benefits of navigating this process via mediation rather than a long, expensive court battle.  The mediation process is based on the premise that a neutral party can assist the couple in the decision-making process during a divorce, rather than asking the courts to assume responsibility for making these important decisions. Divorce and Family Mediation keeps the power of decision making in the hands of the couple, rather than in the hands of the court, which is inherently unfamiliar with the unique circumstances of the separation.  There are other important benefits to mediation that you will want to consider if you find yourself moving forward with a divorce:

  • Less expensive: The overall costs of navigating a divorce via mediation is significantly less than using multiple lawyers and paying for drafting all of the paperwork that the court requires.  With mediation you will pay for one individual who will help you and your ex-spouse work through all pressing issues.
  • Faster Resolution: Rather than having to wait on court dates, mediation allows you to set your own timeframe and most often the process is resolved much for quickly than long, drawn out court battles.
  • Allows For More Creative Solutions: With mediation, you and your ex-spouse have the flexibility to think creatively about solutions that will work best for you and your children.  You know which issues are most important to your family and need focus and which there is already some general agreement.
  • Gives You More Control: Mediation leaves the power in the hands of the couple that is divorcing, rather than giving that up to the courts.  You have final say over the outcome.
  • Increased confidentiality: All documents involved in the mediation process are confidential, giving you more privacy than the court system, where you are forced to air your issues in the courtroom.
  • Models healthy conflict resolution for children: The mediation process is much less adversarial than a court battle, and this way of managing conflict shows your children that even though you and your spouse are divorcing, they can count on you to solve problems effectively and put them first.

AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, provides high quality professional divorce and parenting services that are efficient, effective, respectful, informative, and non-judgmental. The approach is client-centered process, which empowers individuals to achieve fair, affordable, and workable solutions which satisfy their unique needs and circumstances. If you would like more information about working with AMS Mediation, call 1-952.252.1492.