If you and your spouse have decided to pursue divorce and are looking for a way to get through the process with less stress and without spending a fortune, divorce mediation may be an avenue you and your divorcing spouse want to pursue.  AMS Mediation provides a wide variety of divorce mediation and parenting services to the Eagan, MN area.  With a client-centered approach, AMS Mediation helps empower individuals to find fair, affordable and workable solutions that meet your unique needs and minimizes the overall stress and conflict that come with the divorce process.

Mediation is a growing resource for couples who need to sort out common emotional, logistical and legal issues like child custody, division of property (including assets and debts), child/spousal support.  In fact, the State of Minnesota requires that you make a good faith effort to settle your divorce before pursuing litigation.

Mediating Your Divorce

A divorce mediator will serve as a facilitator of discussion between you and your divorcing spouse in a safe, positive and constructive environment.  Mediation is extremely efficient and successful, with an overall success rate as high as 80-90%.  In addition to the high success rate, mediation offers the following benefits:

  • Lower cost (both emotionally as well as financially).
  • Mediation process takes less time than litigation. Court proceedings can take months if not years, mediation can go at your own pace and take just weeks to months.
  • Mediation models positive behavior for your children and lays groundwork for a more positive co-parenting relationship after the divorce is settled.
  • Focus less on the conflict of the past and more on the possibilities of the future.
  • Mediated agreements tend to be more satisfying to both members of the couple and have higher compliance rates.
  • Opportunity for out of the box thinking that can solve your unique problems. Solutions can be driven by you, not by the court.

Parenting Support Services Eagan MN

In addition to mediating a divorce, the team at AMS Mediation can also provide strong parenting support services including serving as a parenting time expeditor, parenting consultant, parenting coach, parenting mediation, and parenting education classes.  Amber Serwat, founder of AMS Mediation has personal experience dealing with the difficulty of divorce and she lends her personal experience and training to each of her clients. To learn more about the divorce mediation and parenting support services provided by AMS Mediation, call 952-252-1492 to schedule a free one hour consultation.